Contacting an Administrator

Regarding spam, hacking, or other violations of the Usage Agreement, send e-mail to abuse@jeffsys.net.

Regarding the web pages, contact webmaster@jeffsys.net.

For general inquiries, please send e-mail to info@jeffsys.net. (Note that we are not currently accepting new members.)


We receive a large amount of junk mail and as such are not always able to return e-mail correspondence. If you have an urgent need, you could try mailing a written letter to this address instead:
Jefferson Systems
C/O Ratloop, Inc.
1321 Upland Drive #616
Houston, TX 77043
Serious inquiries only, no solicitations!


Show Your Support!

We do not charge for any of the services provided by Jefferson Systems, and all maintenence is done by volunteers. If you have a suggestion for improvement, you can send an e-mail to suggestions@jeffsys.net.

We also encourage you to consider making a donation to help us out. Here are some things you could contribute:

  • Network Space. Jefferson's internet access is graciously provided by volunteers in geographic locations as diverse as Virginia and Hawaii. If you are the administrator of a network with 256kb or faster access, we would greatly appreciate your offer to host a Jefferson server on your network.

  • Hardware. If you have old Pentium computers (200Mhz or faster) or computer parts, we could definitely use this. Unlike Microsoft "Windoze", Linux runs quite well on old hardware and services can be distributed across many machines.

  • Time. If you know how a lot about Linux programming or network administration, and you have some free time, maybe you can help us.

  • Money. Funds for hardware upgrades and enhancements usually come out of our volunteers' pockets. Money is always appreciated.

  • Other Stuff. For example, if you have a silk screen, you could offer to make Jefferson T-Shirts.

E-mail contrib@jeffsys.net if you are interested in contributing to the coolest network on Earth.


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