Web Mail

As a Jefferson Systems user, you can use RoundCube to access your e-mail from a web browser (similar to Gmail or Hotmail). Reading messages with RoundCube does not prevent you from later accessing them another way (e.g. Thunderbird or your phone).

Click here for RoundCube!

Mail Rules

Our mail server supports the ManageSieve engine, which allows you to define rules that automatically sort your e-mail into different folders. These rules run on our server, independent of any application or device that you use to read your mail. They can be managed using the RoundCube settings page.

If you are interested in using ManageSieve filters, please contact us and we can set it up for you.

Spam Filtering

The Jefferson Systems mail server automatically performs greylisting and virus scanning on all incoming mail as a first defense against spam. We also provide SpamAssassin tags in the message headers that you can use to define more agressive filters according to your own preferences. If you are interested in reducing spam, we can help you set it up.

Recent Changes (new!)

  • SSL Certificates: These certificates provide security protection for your communication with the Jefferson Systems mail server. In the past, we used free certificates that had compatibility problems for certain devices, which sometimes required a manual procedure to tell your device to "trust" our certificates. Since we have purchased commercially supported certificates, this should no longer be necessary. Please contact us if you have any problems.


Jefferson Banners

If you have a web page hosted by Jefferson Systems, you can use the following banner to show your support:


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