Recent Events

5/1/2014   gonz   Upgraded http://mail.jeffsys.net webmail to RoundCube 1.0

4/14/2014   gonz   As a protection against the Heartbleed security vulnerability, we have rekeyed our SSL certificate for mail.jeffsys.net. Please report any problems.

11/24/2012   gonz   Updated the SSL key for the mail server to use a paid commercial certificate that should eliminate problems on mobile devices.

11/27/2011   gonz   SquirrelMail has moved to a new URL https://mail.jeffsys.net/squirrel

2/14/2011   gonz   Upgraded to Debian 6.0; please let us know if anything is broken.

6/2/2009   gonz   We have moved our server to a new internet hosting company. The IP addresses have changed, so you will need to reinstall your e-mail certificates. Please report any problems.

3/13/2009   gonz   Upgraded everything to Debian 5. These are fairly big changes, so please report any problems.

10/16/2008   gonz   Regenerated the SSL certificates (which had expired). Updated the Features page with instructions for how to install the new certificates.

10/16/2008   gonz   The web server has finally been upgraded to Apache 2.2 with PHP 5.2. SquirrelMail has also been upgraded to the latest version.

9/22/2008   gonz   We are now using the Dovecot POP/IMAP daemon (instead of UW's software). Your e-mail program may require you to re-enter the password and/or confirm an SSL certificate. If you previously did not have SSL encryption enabled, you will need to enable it.

3/7/2005   gonz   Major server upgrade! Miray.jeffsys.net has replaced emmet.jeffsys.net as the primary jeffsys.net server.

10/3/2004   gonz   We have upgraded to SpamAssassin 3. This new version significantly improves the accuracy, but it may require some changes to your configuration / filters.

9/21/2003   gonz   Our network was down for several days due to a huge power outage caused by Hurricane Isabel. All the major services should be back online now. Pax's hard disk was replaced because (apparently coincidentally) it crashed during the storm.

9/6/2003   gonz   Emmet's hard disk was replaced because it was beginning to "flake out."

8/1/2003   gonz   SquirrelMail is now online!

8/12/2002   gonz   Emmet has been upgraded to 900MHz (yay!), but its IP address has changed (boo!).

7/21/2002   gonz   Our servers have been upgraded to Debian 3.0; please report any problems.

7/1/2002   gonz   We now support SSH2; for maximum security, please configure your client (e.g. SecureCRT) to use SSH2.

4/10/2002   gonz   "SpamAssassin" has been added to the features page.

4/7/2002   gonz   Emmet is once again the primary server. We did a lot of upgrades during the switch to Debian, so pleas report any problems.

8/27/2001   gonz   Twig is finally up and running again

8/26/2001   gonz   Our new, faster web server is now online.

7/10/2001   gonz   The Usage Agreement has been amended

5/29/2001   gonz   Pax has been upgraded to RedHat 7

2/4/2001   gonz   The web server has been upgraded to support PHP4 and the latest version of MySQL.

2/2/2001   gonz   The server has been experiencing heavy load. We are working to fix this problem.

2/1/2001   gonz   The operating system has been upgraded to RedHat 7.0. We have also upgraded to the 2.4 Linux kernel. Please report any problems.

10/8/2000   gonz   All user files from bart have been transferred to emmet.

10/6/2000   gonz   Bart is now off-line. Emmet has replaced bart as the Jefferson mailserver.

5/17/2000   gonz   The Apache software has been configured, and TWIG is back online.

5/10/2000   gonz   The home directories from bits.jeffsys.net have been copied to the new server, and will be available soon.

4/30/2000   gonz   Emmet.jeffsys.net was finally retrieved from Williamsburg (after 8 months!), and has been upgraded and is now running a web server. If it seems stable, the user pages will eventually be moved there.

4/20/2000   gonz   Bits.jeffsys.net (the web server) has been down because it is being moved to a different network. This is going to take some time, since it's in Los Angeles.

2/3/2000   gonz   The updated web site is now on-line.

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